The network offers us a lot of free infrastructure to promote the business. How blessed!
But how not to be transparent when it blows up similar products and services?
This is definitely the real challenge for any business owner who invests what he has
and see no results🤯
First, it is important to understand how the system works.
It is built from algorithms that work on the main criterion: "relevance"
That is, quality content that receives attention (views, viewing time, comments, shares…) is the one that will receive the most exposures both organically and sponsored.
So instead of being frustrated, you can be happy because there is a way to reach your destination!
The path does involve quite a few processes, but when you build them correctly, the results come and the motivation increases🤩
Always remember!
Customers don't have a problem with money or another common excuse (I'm far away/I have/it's expensive/my wife said…). Their desires are in heaven. The needs are unlimited. And they are always willing to pay the price.
The only thing left for us to make sure is that our product/service will become the preferred one over many others. Because at the end of the day, our customers are not confused or afraid of *what* to buy but *whom* to buy from!
So what's the secret?
How do we make our customers turn from prospects, to buyers and finally to recommenders and returners?
We don't know how our customer got up in the morning or went to bed at night and in what state he is when he meets us online.
What we do need to know is to build a marketing strategy with clear processes that will make our customer connect with the marketing concept, identify on an emotional level, understand the offer and become an active customer!
Get to know the strategy: *customer track*
*Customer track* is the opposite of what most business owners (who don't see results) do:
Hurry to sell! Distribute teasers without referring to the marketing process in front of the leads that need to be cooked!
What are the stages and what content should we create at each stage?
*Customer route* is built from 5 stages that allows us to create a customer experience in a smart, soft and pleasant process and in other words to make him go on a journey:
First connect, identify, desire, then buy and finally fall in love – come back and recommend!
Once we understood the process, what remains to be done is to strategically build content for each stage.
1. The strategy phase
This step is critical for building the content for the following steps. This is the stage of our connection to the business/product while defining the vision, refining the differentiation, building a customer profile that we want to achieve, choosing products for each of the stages in the lead journey.
pay attention! Before offering a premium product, you should promote a free or basic product.
This is the time to check if you have suitable products for a customer route and if it is not desirable to build/assemble new products.
2. The stage of attraction – courtship
Imagine you are going on a date. Do you immediately jump to propose marriage? of course not!
At this stage, it's time to impress, reinforce the need, give real value and tips. What is called pampering.. pampering.. pampering…
3. The conversion phase – the customer performs an action: engagement, responses.
This is the stage where you can prepare a tempting offer for our followers that they won't want to refuse.
4. The purchase stage – a connection is created! The customer was convinced and bought!
This is the stage where we continue to give value and additional offers for repurchase.
5. The falling in love stage – a returning and recommending customer!
These are the hottest and best quality leads with the lowest lead cost.
By the way, those who market a product/service that is usually bought once, such as a house, interior design, a contract with a lawyer…) make sure to keep spreading more and more content and stay in the mind! Those followers who have become active customers will recommend you and increase your circle of customers effortlessly!
2023 is already here with new challenges and also an opportunity to start marketing professionally and see results with the right strategy for familiar marketing.
You are welcome to comment here or privately and I will answer your questions🤝
I wish you a successful and prosperous civil year🏆